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Cookies Alert free extension

Cookies Alert - free!

Notify your users that you're using some cookies with this free extension - the notification will appear on your pages automatically.

Google Analytics free plugin

Google Analytics - free!

Add a counter or any online tracking scripts to your pages for free! Just past your code, and it will appear on all project pages.

Mobirise icons free download

Icons - $49

This Icons extension for Mobirise contains 6600+ icons you can use in your projects. Add them to your buttons, menus or simple place them as images.

Mobirise Code Editor extension free download

Code Editor - $69

Edit added block directly in the app or add an empty custom HTML block - all changes are saved in your project, and thus they will be available later.

Mobirise WOW Slider extension free download redeem code

WOW Slider - $49

A spledid slider extension from WOW Slider - for those who want a slider block with more adjusted tuning. 35 transition effects & 59 slide templates.

Mobirise PayPal Shopping Cart extension free download redeem code

PayPal Shopping Cart - $59

A convenient solution for you, if you want some shopping opportunities for your sites. Set "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons with PayPal links, and payments will be processed on a PayPal side.

Mobirise Alternative

Social Feed - free!

Using it you can add to your site posts from different social networking websites. It would make your site more vivid and help to see some extra information from another source.

mobirise extensions free

Social Comments - free!

Social Comments is a free extension for Mobirise, which would easily help your visitor leave comments from different social networking websites.

mobirise full version

SoundCloud - free!

You can add any audios by embedding links to tracks or playlists. SoundCloud would help to make your future site more creative and brisk.

PWA Builder - $49

Turn your website into a web application with the PWA Builder extension! 

FormBuilder - $59

With this extension you are able to create custom forms for your website! Edit your own form and shape it as you want!

Popup Builder - $49

Add a custom popup window to your website. It's the best way to notify your site visitor about anything or offer your products and services.

Lazy Load - $39

Make your pages even faster with "Lazy load" and "Remove unused CSS" options.


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User: Guys I have been trying to get hold of you for a while now

my mobirise software with mobirise free extensions keeps freezing when i go to export, im on an iMac on the new vesion 10.15.1 (19B88)

what reasion is it to start doing this?

i reinstall over it and that did not work 

can I fully uninstall and redeem or ?

on my iMac mobirise has admin level accsess so it cant be folder problems?

what shall i do because im so late on my work now because of this and I think it started after the update to the new Catalina OS on Mac or something like that.

or is it becaouse i need to renew ?

im lost on this at the moment please get back to me on this as soon as you can.

many thanks 

Mobirise Team: Unfortunately, the export/publishing problems usually occur after the Mobirise updates - the software losing paths to images, elements and then the export/publishing process stucks or crushes. Developers are working on this problem.

As a workaround: 

1- Create a new project with the same theme. 

2- Add all pages you need in this new project 

3- Go to the problem project, add blocks from one page to the user blocks 

4- Return to the newly created project, to the same-named page, add all user blocks there 

5- In this way, recreate all pages for a new project, using the User Blocks feature 

6- Check if the same problem persists with a newly recreated project. 

Check this feature - 

Notice, please - AMP themes aren't compatible with Bootstrap themes. 

Bootstrap 4 themes won't work with Bootstrap 3 themes as well.

User: I recently bought the lazy load extension so that my website loads faster, but after enabling it I am finding out that it is making my website slower. It seems that instead of loading the images in the screen faster it just loads for a bit and then shows the buffering sign for a while until the image finally loads. Is there something that I am doing wrong with setting it up?

Mobirise Team: Please, download the latest version of Mobirise and free mobirise extensions using the direct links or at history page - 

Make backup copies of your projects in a separate PC folder before every update so you could restore them later -

Some bugs were eliminated. Update all your themes and extensions, re-add the problem blocks and check the result.

User: Please could you explain how i make the GDPR statements visible on the website. I have populated GDPR Compliance section and inserted pages for terms and privacy policy. I did this for the Cookie Policy and i can see this at the bottom of the website. However, nowhere do i see the information associated with GDPR, ie the files on terms and privacy dont seem to be visible anywhere when i view using the web browser. Please could you help me to rectify this problem.

many thanks

Mobirise Team: GDPR can be turned on only for the form blocks.

You will see this notification if you'll add a form block to the page of your project.

User: I am trying to add my youtube channel under the social extension but unlucky to take them live. I have already downloaded the social tab from extensions but still i have can only the twitter page feeds and not the youtube recent video. I tried many times by pasting my youtube official channel id but still no positive response. Can someone pls check on this ?

Mobirise Team: Please provide more information and related screenshots so we could help you to resolve your problem.

What block and theme are you using? What exactly are you trying to do?

User: I'm trying out your editor and love most the things it does. But I didn't found a way if I include a youtube video in the default amp theme to the page how to set rel=0 to not show unrelated videos.

Yes I can edit the html that was generated to:

<div class="video-block mbr-col-sm-12 mbr-col-md-6"><amp-youtube width="16" height="9" layout="responsive" data-videoid="..." class="mobirise-loader" data-param-rel="0"></amp-youtube>

But would be nice if you either set this by default or allow to choose as an option of the video box.


Mobirise Team: Sorry, but we don't provide support about custom coding.

You can try to implement it through Code Editor extension or with a manual code editing of the locally published site files but we can't guarantee that it will work.   

Check our forum about mobirise extensions free download - our users often share useful and interesting solutions for different tasks.

User: Hi! I am currently using Mobirise for my website and it’s great but, it lacks a lot of features that needs to be in this software.

Different drop down menus for pages etc etc 

Adding custom text anywhere 

There’s probably more I can think of but these are the most common problems I have right now

Mobirise Team: We'll provide your suggestion to our developers.

Thank you for the feedback! 

You can also share your ideas in the Wish List on our forum - 

User: I have a project on my PC based on mobirise extensions nulled. How can I make it available to work on from my mobile device? Is it also possible to sync the two instances of the same project?

Mobirise Team: All projects are stored locally and you must use export/import features to transfer them between your devices.

To be properly imported the project must be stored in one folder with its assets folder, which contains images as well. 

How to export and import -

User: Hello,

I have downloaded the latest version mobirise 4.11.6 and can not start it on my Mac (macOS Catalina)!  

The error message comes: 

Mobirise can not be opened because Apple can not look for malicious software in it. This software needs to be updated. 

Can you help me!

Mobirise Team: Unfortunately, I don't have any information when exactly developers will release an update for MAC OS Catalina.

Check these links, please: 

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