Social Feed Extension

Create your very own compilation of all the social feeds you love gathering them on a single page with the Social Feed Extension for Mobirise Mobile Web Builder.

With this amazing tool any of the great totally responsive pages you built with the easiest web builder as easy can contain a tidy section dynamically displaying the latest content being posted in a set of the most popular social networks so when you post somewhere around the latest content gets automatically updated on your page as well saving you the time and efforts doing the same task twice.

How to install? 

The Social Feed extension is extremely easy to install and add – just go to your Themes and Extension section and add it to your application from there.

Once this step is done you will notice a new block Called Social Feed appearing in your blocks palette – just drag it out and place it at any place you need to in the pages of your project.

There even is a clever protection feature saving you for inserting this kind of block twice in a single page which might possibly confuse your users.

An example of the social feed

With the Social Feed for Mobirise Builder the boring white backgrounds from all the social platforms we got so used to are now in the history – just add the extension and create the coolest feed around fitting exactly your personal taste and needs – without writing a single line of code with the Social Feed Extension for the Easiest Web site Builder.

Totally customize the entire appearance of your Social Feed block by picking up from the various appearance options as you would with any regular Mobirise Builder block in your project – freely choose the background color which you think will fit best your site's vision or place a background image – your own or one of the hundreds available in the built in online gallery and dim it as much as you need to with the adjustable solid color overlay feature.

Beautiful addition to your websites

Once the block is added the settings available in the Block Parameters panel are pretty intuitive and easy to adjust .

Once done hit update and see all the sources gathered in a single great looking feed ordered by date of publication.


The Social Feed extension entirely supports any feed from the most popular Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. 

Don't limit yourself to a single feed from a platform – place as many as you like in the appropriate field separating them by a single comma character and enjoy them comfortably gathered. 

And in case you're wondering – the feed's ID is actually the very last string in the browser's address bar – after the very last '/' or slash character – just copy/paste this string it in your Social Feed's Parameters panel and the desired feed will instantly get included.