Make the great responsive web pages you create with the easiest web page builder – Mobirise Builder – comply with the European laws and ePrivacy directives in just a single click with this great extension.

Adjust your sites and make them instantly notify your first time visitors you're using some cookies in order to provide their best convenience and comfort in a clean and subtle way without disturbing them or stopping their workflow forcing them to click on an agree button to continue using your site. Obtain a subtle still informative banner stating you're using some cookies with a text of your choice and optionally a link to the page containing you privacy policy in less than a minute with just a few clicks and without having to know anything about code or even more – if you're comfortable with the standard predefined notification template and your site's language is English – just flip a single switch and you're ready to go – every time a new users come visiting your great mobile friendly webpages created with Mobirise Builder they will instantly get notified for the use of cookies on your site – as easy as that.

Installation and use are extremely easy and straightforward – follow the intuitive Mobirise Mobile Web Builder interface and add this free extension from the Themes and Extensions section of your application waiting just a few seconds until you get the confirmation message it's been added to your system – now you can freely use it at any of your sites with just a single click.

To instantly start notifying your customers for the use of cookies for a specific site just go the its settings dialog box inside Mobirise Builder by clicking on the small green gear icon of the active site under the Sites section of your main menu. On the bottom of the Settings panel you'll notice a switch called Cookies Alert – just flip it ON and you're good to go. The Cookies alert extension also provides you the ability of full control over the notification content – revise or changes it at your will in the convenient text field appearing once it being turned on.

And to make sure your returning visitors won't get disturbed by a notification they have already read the Cookies Alert does show only once – the very first time a specific user comes to your site. If a first time visitor ignores the message it will appear each time the pages get loaded until it gets dismissed to show up no more until a new browser is used or the history on the user's browser cleaned up.
Cookies Alert Extension for Mobirise Builder is easy convenient and fast but there is more – in case you don't need to explicitly notify your visitors about the use of cookies you can as easily use it as a container to any information you would like to get your visitors notified to make sure they rest calm informed and happy.

Cookie Alert is a free extension for Mobirise Website builder. Create landing pages and websites for your non-profit and commercial projects for free.