Unleash the power of your amazing images with the WOW slider extension for the easiest web page builder – Mobirise Mobile Web Builder. Just add your favorite photos and pick up from the thousands of possible appearances to present them to your audience – easy fast and without touching a single line of code – all the heavy lifting is done by the extension living you do the essential part – thinking and considering which actual appearance will suit your design best.

WOW Slider Extension for Mobirise Builder is a powerful image slider giving you the freedom to present you imagery content in much more than just the regular sliding and fading appearance we got so bored looking at around the net. With this amazing tool in just a few clicks and without knowing a thing about the code. The real power of this slider comes in its amazingly high level of customization combined with some really rich libraries for each of the options which at the bottom line produces thousands of possible appearances letting you achieve a real WOW effect for your amazing images. And there is even more – you can even add some cool captions automatically styled and even assign some hyperlinks to each slide to turn out the amazingly good looking slider into a fully functional interactive element.

With the WOW Slider Extension for Mobirise Builder you can independently select from tens of amazing animation transitions between the slides, great looking themes taking care of the consistent and appealing appearance of each and every detail of your slider, add as many slides as you will freely choosing either to assign a link to any of them or not , choose at your will from the vast predefined sizes for your slider or set up some new ones fitting exactly your design, adjust the timings for the images appearance and the transitions, set up the background color and even more - each tiny detail can be carefully crafted via the convenient and informative Block Parameters panel.

Using the WOW Slider for Mobirise is really simple – just add a WOW Slider block to your project and insert some images to start with – you can always change and rearrange them along the way. Next start exploring all the amazing options the WOW Slider has to offer and you'll get amazed by the appealing results you'll get every time – it might even give you some new fresh ideas about making your pages even more amazing. Changing the appearance options gats instantly reflected to the slider itself and clicking on the controls inside Mobirise Builder gives you an instant preview to the transitions you've just selected to try out. You can also combine any of the themes and animations with amazing entrances for the titles and subtitles gaining practically a full control over all the options.

This Extension is the perfect tool for practically any Mobirise Builder user – from the ones just making their first steps in the world of web to the experienced web developers saving a bunch of time and amazing with the variety of powerful ways to show your great pictures with least effort and while having real fun.

WOW Slider is an extension for Mobirise Website Builder, create splendid landing pages using this tool.