Transform your pages already easily made with Mobirise Mobile Web Builder into great web stores in a matter of minutes, create a colorful and one of a kind web store from scratch without any effort or even more – achieve the unachievable for the common online commerce platforms combining regular page content with some blocks in which you sell your products arranging everything exactly as you imagine it should look like with the powerful and flexible PayPal extension for the easiest offline responsive web pages builder – Mobirise Mobile Web Builder. All you need to do is add the extension to your Builder and briefly assign the necessary settings.

What the PayPal Extension for Mobirise actually does is adding an extra switch inside the Links dialog box allowing to transform any link in your project assigning it Buy Now or Add to Card functionality. The entire interface is really simple and straightforward – all you need to do in enter your PayPal email address and the Mobirise Builder will do the rest for you. If you prefer you can also take advantage of the built in fully customizable Shopping cart – once a product gets added a nice looking cart icon displays at the place you specify for it on your page – its position remains fixed while the page content scrolls down so the Shopping cart gets accessible at any time for the comfort of your customers. Its appearance is entirely customizable – by just a few clicks you can easily adjust all the colors used for the cart's background, icon and counter as well as set the proper fixed position you would like it to take place in your page once the first item has been purchased.

Set up your Multilanguage store in minutes with the same ease as you did for a single language due to the flexible way the PayPal functionality works along with your Mobirise Builder – for each item's price you can pick up from a variety of currencies and define all the text freely in any language needed.
Make it easy as pie for your clients to make a purchase and have it delivered right at their doorstep without any extra steps for creating one more registration with the powerful PayPal integration – the products get easily shipped directly to the customer's PayPal shipping address with the comfortable option of changing it only if it's needed to. The whole process is easy, fast and quite straightforward.

The PayPal extension for the easiest web page builder – Mobirise Mobile Web Builder is perfect for creating outstanding boutique online stores for practically anyone wanting to break out of the box having control on each and every aspect of the store's appearance. If you have a bit more items to offer then you might consider using it along with one of our great themes providing an outstanding storefront block which can be used for summarizing some products if needed – as easy as putting the items on an actual store shelve and putting down some descriptions in writing – in just a few clicks you're getting a great looking highly personalized working web store without even touching the code.

Paypal Shopping Cart is an extension for Mobirise Free Website Builder.